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5 tips for a successful bathroom design

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DSC07242.jpgA successful bathroom design comes about because of lots of preparation and thought. When you’re working in a small space (and especially if it’s a renovation involving existing plumbing), it can be tough to find an arrangement that creates a functional, yet beautiful space.

Below, we’ve asked Mal Corboy for five of his top tips on creating a beautiful and functional bathroom design:

1. Use space to convey luxury.

Having room to move in a bathroom creates the sensation of luxury and opulence. If your room is on the small side, try not to cram too much into it. Instead, look at where you can minimise and eliminate to make the best use of the space. For example, do you really need a bath? If not, you could remove it and use the space to create a spacious rain shower.

2. Set your budget from the onset

A bathroom design can be very cost-effective, or insanely expensive, depending on your choices. Setting a budget up front (and discussing this in-depth with your interior designer, if you’re using one), will help you to keep on track.

Make sure you account for all the different factors involved, including plumbing and installation.

3. Think about function over fashion

A bathroom is a heavy use area in your home. Think about practical considerations when choosing elements of the design, such as who will be using the space, where important items will be stored, and how often you’ll need to clean it.

This doesn’t mean you have to completely abandon style. Instead, choose fixtures, fittings, and finishes that look aesthetically beautiful and meet your family’s needs.

4. Include adaquete storage

Minimilist bathrooms may look amazing, but the practicalities of use dictate that you’re going to need at least some storage for toiletries, towels, and other items. If you’re working in a small room, look at options for recessed alcoves in your shower or hanging storage units.

Open shelves are a huge trend right now, but if you’re going to use these, think carefully about which items will be stored there. You’ll need to keep them extremely tidy, and remember that steam from the shower will make toilet paper and spare towels damp.

5. Consider hiring an interior designer

Bathrooms may seem like a small space, but they can prove complicated when it comes to design. This is especially true when you’re renovating and need to deal with existing plumbing dictating how vanities, toilets and showers can be arranged.

This is where the expertise of an interior designer like Mal Corboy will be invaluable. Mal can take your ideas and create your dream bathroom design, all within your budget and without you having to stress about managing the installation.

What are you waiting for? There’s no reason to live with that sub-standard bathroom any longer. It’s time to reinvent your space and create a whole new room for you to relax in.

There are so many reasons to bring on board a designer to work with you on your bathroom design from conception right through to installation. Let critically-acclaimed interior designer Mal Corboy show you how he can transform your home. Contact Mal for a no-obligation consultation today.

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