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Common Questions For A Bathroom Design Project

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Bathrooms are a tricky space in the home when it comes to redesign. A lot of your budget is used on areas you can’t see, like water proofing. There are a lot of common issues unique to bathroom designs and you need to be aware of them before embarking on your new bathroom project. In this article, we share some of the common questions asked at our bathroom design seminars, that way no uncertainties or unwelcome surprises come up during your own bathroom project. 


Q: What size format should my tiles be?

A: A larger style format gives the illusion of space. I also like to use a feature tile to bring in some interest and texture.

Q: I’m thinking of using a shower toilet, what do you think?

A: A few of our clients are installing these into their homes. It is a personal choice, but make sure you will actually use it. For a good quality shower toilet, it can be a large investment. For more information visit robertson.co.nz


Q: What sort of tapware should I use, chrome or the latest colour?

A: This really comes down to the style of the home and the design. Use the one that best suits, don’t use the latest colour if it doesn’t match the style. Always obtain the best quality product you can afford. It’s one of the most used products in your home and you don’t want to have to replace it in 12 months.

Q: What sort of lighting should we look at using?

A: Ambient and task lighting as often task lighting is overlooked. Excellent lighting around the mirror area is imperative, however it must be done correctly or you run the risk of the room looking like a circus attraction!

Q: Where should power sockets be placed for hair dryers and other bathroom devices?

A: I often put power points behind the mirror, if there is storage there; with a small hole for the power lead at the bottom of the cabinet, that way you can close the door to use the mirror. Or inside the drawers. 

Q: My bathroom is on the smaller side, and I would like to have two sinks; how can I make this work?

A: This is a question that is asked more commonly than you think. Firstly, I ask, how often would you use two sinks at once? I don’t know many people that would brush their teeth together. One solution can be to have a large basin; It can be aesthetically pleasing, but you can still have two people use it if necessary.

Q: Rain shower heads or standard?

A: Rain showerheads won’t have as good a shower pressure as your standard head. However, many of my clients feature both in their showers. A rain shower is excellent if you want to enjoy the relaxing feeling of rain cascading down you; however, your standard is best for your everyday needs.


Q: Can I have body jets in my shower?

A: These are popular and certainly worth it if you want a lovely body massage. However, there are a few things you will need to take into account: water pressure needs to be a minimum of 45psi and excellent drainage; the fall on the shower floor should be 6 mm to the drain.

Q: In my previous bathroom there wasn’t enough storage, what can we do differently?

A: Gone are the days of storing shaving products, first aid supplies, and perhaps a couple of lotions. When planning your bathroom, look at what you really want to store, and let your designer know; they can plan your storage needs. Storage behind mirrors is excellent for your everyday items. While under the sink and preferably in drawers, you can store more oversized items.

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