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Ensure your interior designer sticks around right through until the end.

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Market-Square-Viaduct-kitchen02-1024x682.jpgWhen a design project kicks off, everyone involved hops with enthusiasm. The ideas flow freely, and your designer gets stuck into sourcing the items you need and bringing the room to life.

After the initial designs are complete and the required items sourced, many designers will then hand the project back to you in order for you to see it through to completion. This might seem like a good idea in theory – after all, most of the designer’s work is done at the beginning, right? The rest of the process is just admin, right?

Not so. If you truly want the best quality finish in your space, you should ensure your designer sticks around throughout the entire process. Setting down design ideas on paper is one thing, but if the designer doesn’t see the design through, what does that say about their confidence in their work?

Here’s why you should ensure you hire an interior designer who sticks around to the very end:

  • Bringing a design to life is a specific skill, and one that every designer should possess. If your designer doesn’t want to stick around until the very end, what does this say about their confidence in their own design skills?
  • You’ll be responsible for liaising with the contractors and ensuring the final installation goes off without a hitch. This is a complex job, and if you don’t have the time or skill to project manage the design and installation process, you could experience delays, quality issues, and other mistakes that could sabotage the final design.
  • Finish is vital to a successful design – perhaps even more important than the design itself. An interior designer like Mal Corboy understands every facet of a complex design and is able to manage the entire process to ensure that the finish is superior every time.
  • You don’t know what you don’t know. Unless you’re a design expert, you won’t have the knowledge to barter with contractors, choose the right material or finish for a space, or source the perfect finishing touches to complete a room.
  • You don’t need the stress. You’ve got your own life to lead, a business to manage or a family to enjoy. Why take on extra stress when an award-winning designer like Mal Corboy could handle the entire process for you?

There are so many reasons to bring on board a designer to work with you through the entire process. Let critically-acclaimed interior designer Mal Corboy show you how he can transform your home. Contact Mal for a no-obligation consultation today.

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