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How to Introduce ‘Global Design’ To Your Interior Design

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It might be harder to go on an overseas vacation right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the world’s styles directly into your home’s interior spaces. 

Different cultural styles can offer endless inspiration for your interior design, bringing a worldly vibe to your space and helping it stand out from the rest. The best part about the Global style is there are no set rules, allowing you to experiment with fresh new ideas that remind you of favourite travel destinations or places you’ve always had an affinity for. 

Here are some tips on how to introduce Global Design style into your interior spaces.

Build off the pieces you already have

Do you already have a space with vibrant Mediterranean colours? Or Oriental style cabinetry? Use your space’s existing elements as a starting point to begin sourcing other materials around it. Pull in rugs, furniture or artefacts which compliment what you have already.

Not only will it save having to go out and buy all your design pieces from scratch, but it will also provide direction for the global style you want to integrate into your space. Create cohesion between the things in your interior space and let them take you around the world.


Global design means borrowing the best, most aesthetic elements from a culture, evoking the centuries of artistic lineage and craftsmanship that produced them. Maybe you already have a collection of African masks to hang on the wall or an alluring Chinese vase? Position these at focal points in your space to draw attention to them. These artefacts can work as key pieces in your interior design, making them stand out.

orlova-maria-b37mDyPzdJM-unsplash (1)

Pick your colour palette

Global design isn’t just about cultural artefacts - the colours you pick for your space can also help to evoke a sense of place. Indian style is synonymous with reds, oranges and golds while African style usually connotes earthy tones of khaki and brown, reminiscent of savannahs. When introducing global styles, think about using colour to convey your theme or style. 


Don't be afraid to experiment

Global design evolved from those with wanderlust wanting to introduce the unique experiences from their travels into their homes. Artefacts from faraway lands sat together to create a rich testament of places traversed. Endeavour to be bold in your own design and don’t be afraid to try different combinations of styles or pieces. Take traditional elements and add your own twist.

If you have style pieces from different cultural backgrounds, don’t worry about incongruity. Instead look into ways these disparate pieces can complement each other by colour or shape, rather than strictly sticking to one style. Global design is all about thinking outside of boundaries and borders, opening up your interior space to the world. 

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