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Preparing for your design brief

  So, you’re about to embark on your interior or even landscape project.  What an exciting and yet stressful time you are going to have!

Even before you have decided which designer you are going to engage, you need to prepare for the design brief. This can often affect who you engage, as not all designers’ styles will suit your brief.  Whether you are completing a new build or a renovation, the design brief is extremely important. A good brief will save a great deal of time toing and froing between you and the designer trying to get what’s in your head into an actual design.

Here are some things for you to think about:


-          Who is the main cook and what sort of cooking do they like to do? (baking, stir-fry etc)

-          What sort of small appliances do you need to house?

-          How much storage will you need for china, plastics and cutlery? just to name a few

-          Will you entertain in the kitchen area? Do you need seating?

-          What oven, hob, dishwasher and fridge do you want to include?

-          Do you want a wine fridge?

-          What kind of lighting you will need

-          Bench top materials and heights

-          Floor to ceiling cabinetry or more modular

-          Styles - traditional, contemporary or art deco, etc.



-          Do you want to incorporate a bathtub?

-          Will your children mainly be using a particular bathroom?

-          Will there be a specific guest bathroom or toilet?

-          Average or large size shower area?

-          Heights of the main people using the shower

-          Storage needed for towels and personal effects including hair dryers, GHD’s and shavers

-          Make-up lighting

And the big one...VENTILATION


-          Who is the main person using this space?

-          Do you intend to iron in the laundry?

-          What size will your washer and dryer be

-          Storage needed for cleaning supplies and linen

-          Good access to the outside

-          Would you like a drying cupboard?


Rest of the interior

-          Do you need a lot of storage for children’s toys and personal effects?

-          Who are the main users of each space? For example, the formal living room may only be used by adults,

whereas the dining and living area is for the whole family

-          How much entertaining do you do?

-          What sort of feel do you want each room to have? Luxurious, comfortable, relaxed, formal and the list goes on

-          Any inside pets?


-          Is anyone in your family allergic to certain plants?

-          Do you want low care/easy maintenance or do you enjoy gardening?

-          Will you spend a fair bit of time outside? Will you entertain in the space?

-          What sort of BBQ area do you want?

-          Is there, or will there be a pool?

-          Do you have any pets?

-          Will you need a children’s play area?

There is so much more that could be added to this list; however we could be discussing this all day.  When I meet my clients I have a list of comprehensive questions that I go through.  I always ask my client to do some research on the things they like and more importantly what they don’t like.  This isn’t an expensive exercise as a lot of it can be done through the magic of Google, and having visuals with you when you discuss your design brief, will help you to explain what look you are after to your designer.

A good designer will take your brief and come up with a plan that will see it come alive.  We also will ensure that colours and materials will add to the structure of your home, depending on its style.

Happy briefing.