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Find the Perfect Interior Designer in Auckland to Fit Your Needs

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There is a wide range of designers who will offer their services to you; If you need some work done on your home or you need a kitchen designer, picking from among the group can be challenging.

Who’s the best? Which work comes under budget? Who has a solid reputation?  Those are all solid questions, but they don’t address the big one; Will this designer fit my needs? When the interior designer is done, they might take a few photos for their portfolio, but they leave. You’re the one who has to live with their work.

That means you have to pick a great designer who not only answers all those questions, but that you can be happy to live with for years to come.

Looking Over Portfolios

The first thing most home owners do when picking good interior designers in NZ is they look over the portfolios. These are the examples of the designer's work and how they have transformed a room in the past. Interior design can be tricky, and it’s important to see what looks the designer has created in the past. For example, see how Mal Corboy’s portfolio reflects his designs and work.

The challenge here is to look at these designs with a critical eye. You aren’t just admiring their handiwork. You’re deciding if they are right for you. Here're a few pointers on what to look for.

Working with Your Colours

Designers like to remain within their wheelhouse of colours. They have a set idea of what colours work and what they play around with. If your home is fun and light, this is when you find the designer who’s willing to play around with a splash of colour or two. If you’re more reserved, bright and gaudy colour would be the last thing you’d want in your kitchen or living room.

Look for Unique Touches

Most good designers stay away from a simple theme. They try to be more subtle with their approaches.  Good interior designers in Auckland will create a focal point or a centrepiece that helps anchor the room. It could be a fancy light fixture, an accent wall, or a piece of furniture around which the rest of the room revolves.

These little touches help define the style of the designer and how they think about a room. It also helps if you have a piece that you want to design around like a commercial oven or a baby grand piano.

See Recommendations

As with all good interior designers, Auckland’s finest will offer up referrals and testimonials from past projects. This will give you the best indication about their work ethic, their punctuality, and their price ranges. Mal Corboy again offers up excellent reviews from the customers he’s worked with.

If you’re in the market for a good interior designer, Mal Corboy’s work has brought him numerous awards and international recognition from his peers. He can set up a personal no-obligation meeting to discuss your project and how he comes up with his designs.

You can contact Mal here.

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