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10 Questions to Ask Before You Look For a Bathroom/Kitchen Designer

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For the homeowner who wants to leave their bathroom or kitchen renovation in their designer’s hands, there are several key factors to consider before beginning.

You might want to oversee the design, but you’re short on time and must develop trust in those you hire to complete the remodel. For you, the most important time you spend on the project will be with the designer at the beginning of the process. But for those meetings to be productive, it’s crucial to ask yourself some questions.

Once these are thought out and considered, you can start the remodel with a clear vision for it, and you can confidently leave it in the hands of the designer. Here are just 10 questions to think about, but you may consider even more as your specific needs and goals arise.

1. What’s your budget?

A bathroom or kitchen designer will need to know your budget when planning your remodel. They will discuss your budget with you in terms of expectations and match these two factors for you. If this is established before the renovation begins, you can maintain your hands-off approach without having to answer many financial questions.

2. What are your remodelling goals?

Sometimes, homeowners undergo renovations on their homes because they’re hoping to sell soon. Other times, they want to create a more functional space and get closer to turning their current home into one they’ll stay in for a long period of time. It’s important to consider your goals and how the remodel could affect each goal. For example, if you are looking to sell, all the changes you make will affect resale value.

3. What’s your desired aesthetic?

You don’t have to choose every detail before hiring a designer, but it’s valuable to have a general look in mind. Are you interested in a vintage look or a more industrial feel? Do you envision a kitchen with clean lines and grey accents or warm, cosy colours?

Articulating your vision, even to yourself, can help you communicate this vision effectively to your designer when the time comes. Once they understand it, they can feel free to make that design a reality without much more explanation from you throughout the process.

4. How do you want the space to function?

Is your bathroom the space where you get ready for a few minutes each morning, or is it a relaxing haven where you can unwind with a bath? Do you want your kitchen to have ample space for gathering, or will that happen elsewhere in the home? Your goals for the activities possible in the space will be important for the designer to keep in mind.

5. Do you have health concerns that will be impacted by a renovation?

Construction can be difficult for those with health concerns, with dust and debris in the air. Be sure your designer knows your requirements for the environment, and check if there are any health precautions you should take.

6. What is your desired timeline?

How much time do you have? You may have to adjust the type of remodel to fit your timeline, but being clear about this can help a designer to plan and prioritize what needs to be done.

7. What shape is your home in?

Will a designer find other repairs in the middle of the remodel? Essentially, your home should be ready for construction when you hire a bathroom or kitchen designer. You may want to have the area inspected so you can take care of any outstanding issues before proceeding.

8. Will you need to live elsewhere during the renovation?

Arranging other living accommodations, especially during kitchen renovations, can take planning that should occur before the designer is brought on board. Additionally, designers can know how to inform their contractors and other vendors about the project. They will gladly keep a home liveable during a renovation, but if you want to avoid the fray, plan for other living arrangements well in advance.

9. Who will use the new space?

If children are in the picture, you can make the design work to their advantage. A good designer will keep the users of the space in mind, making it functional for everyone involved. You can even add fun elements for kids that will make their home feel most comfortable.

How do you plan to communicate?

If you don’t have much time to spare to oversee the remodel process, you must be sure you do have a good, time-effective method of communication. Whether it’s emails or phone calls, commit to speaking with your designer through a reliable method and stick to it. This way, if any issues come up, you can be reached easily.

Now that you’re thinking about a remodel, start working through the above considerations. Take notes to share with a potential bathroom or kitchen designer, and move forward confidently, knowing you can leave your vision in their capable hands!

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