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How to Evaluate a Kitchen Design Portfolio

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So, you’ve found an interior designer you like, and you’ve asked to see their kitchen design portfolio…but you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for.

If you’re like most homeowners, you know what you like, but you’re a little unfamiliar with the process of interior design. Fortunately, there are several easy ways to evaluate a kitchen design portfolio and find the perfect designer for you. Read on.

Why is Portfolio Evaluation Important?

Imagine this: you’ve come up with a toothache. It bothers you for days and, although you take steps to manage the pain on your own, such as packing the tooth with ice, nothing works. One day, you run into someone on the street who tells you he is a dentist and would be happy to pull the tooth for you. Surprised and delighted, you accept his offer, and agree to meet him in his living room next Tuesday afternoon.

Does this sound legitimate? Of course it doesn’t!

Unfortunately, this is exactly what many people do with their interior designers. Instead of taking the time to vet them carefully and ensure that their skills match up with what a person wants or needs, and that they have said skills in the first place, many people simply take designers at face value. This, in turn, leads to disappointing results.

If you want a kitchen design you’ll be happy with both now and in the future, it’s critical to locate an interior designer with a portfolio you admire. This will give you an idea of which results you can expect and will serve to educate you about the designer’s offerings and standards of practice.

5 Things to Look for in a Kitchen Design Portfolio

When it comes time to evaluate your designer’s portfolio, look for these key things:

1. An intuitive flow of traffic throughout the kitchen

If the stove, refrigerator, and sink are all piled on top of one another, a kitchen becomes dysfunctional and crammed in a hurry. As you evaluate the designer’s portfolio, look for spaces where the flow of traffic is intuitive and smooth.

For example, the sink and dishwasher should be on one side of the kitchen, with the refrigerator tucked off in proximity to an island. This keeps things organized and orderly, even when the kitchen gets busy.

2. Unique designs

One of the biggest benefits of looking at kitchen design portfolios is using them to come up with ideas for your kitchen.

As you scroll through the portfolio, look for places where you can take the designer’s ideas or previous designs and apply them to your project. In addition to being a fantastic way to create a more functional space, this will also help you learn about what your designer of choice can offer.

3. Successful implementation

The fact that a designer has any portfolio images to show you typically means the project was completed successfully, but it’s important to pay attention to how many examples a designer can offer.

What you want to see is an extensive track record of successful kitchen design installs. These examples will help you get a feel for the designer’s capabilities and develop a full understanding of what your designer of choice can do.

4. Various styles

For best results, you’ll want a designer who is flexible. That said, look for different styles when you evaluate the kitchen design portfolio. Can this designer deliver a modern or a classic look? Are they capable of using the bright colors you love throughout the design? This kind of flexibility will serve you well down the road.

5. Professional presentation

Professional presentation is critical in any design portfolio. Look for high image quality, intuitive organization, and clear documentation of where and when a project was completed. These small details will showcase the designer’s level of professionalism and organization.

Kitchen Design Made Simple

Evaluating a kitchen design portfolio is one of the best ways to find the ideal designer for your upcoming remodel. In addition to showcasing a designer’s work, a good kitchen design portfolio will also help you understand their style, implementation practices, and level of organization – all of which are critical for you to feel comfortable leaving your precious kitchen remodel in their hands.

Even if you’re relatively unfamiliar with the interior design process, these simple tips can help you make sense of a design portfolio without raking yourself over the coals in the process.

To get a kitchen design you’ll love for years to come, contact the Mal Corby team – your specialists in elevated kitchen design throughout Australia.

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