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The Importance of References for Interior Design in Auckland

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When it comes time to redesign your kitchen, it’s critical to find a team you can trust. This is especially true if you don’t have much time, and want to leave the project in their hands. Unfortunately, many people wind up with a team that makes interior design in Auckland more difficult rather than less. These pairings can quickly cast a negative light on the whole project, and make you feel like it’s more headache than it’s worth.

To avoid winding up in this unpleasant situation, it’s essential to ask the interior design specialists you intend to hire for their references. While some people might find this a bit invasive or unnecessary, it’s a critical step that can save you time, effort, and stress down the road.

References: A Smart Way to Separate the Wheat from the Chaff

When it comes time to find a designer to handle your project, you’ll likely find yourself facing dozens of talented professionals. Each designer is likely to be skilled in his or her way, capable, and dedicated to the completion of the project. This doesn’t mean, however, that each designer is the ideal fit for you.

Even though there is a multitude of talented specialists who can handle interior design in Auckland, not everyone is a good fit for your personality, desires, or timeframe. Even the most talented designer in the area might be fundamentally different from you, and working with him or her might just be a stressful and uncomfortable experience.

Because of this, it’s critical to check the reviews of a design specialist to ensure that other customers have found the person friendly, warm, and courteous. This can go a long way toward saving you difficulty and regret down the road.

How to Ask Your Designer for References

By the time you ask your would-be interior designer for references, you should have met or spoken to him or her several times, first. There’s no point in going to the time and trouble of evaluating references for someone you’re not genuinely interested in working with, and it’s wise to ensure you’re only asking for recommendations from people you are very close to hiring.

When it comes time to ask for references, let your designer know you’re very happy with what he or she has provided so far, and that you’d like to speak to references for additional information. At this point, the designer should be able to furnish you with the contact information for several previous (and recent) references. At this point, it’s your responsibility to communicate with these people and interview them about their experience with the designer.

Simple Tips to Enhance Your Review Search

For best results, follow these tips:

  • Compile a list of questions before you contact the reference.It’s easy to forget what you wanted to ask if you don’t develop a list of questions beforehand. To prevent yourself from stumbling over your inquiries, develop a list of relevant questions before you speak to the reference. As the phone call progresses, take the time to write down the relevant points of their answers for later reference.
  • Look for online reviews.In addition to asking your designer for references, you should also go looking for online reviews. A simple Google search for your designer’s name will likely reveal several reviews you can use to deepen your understanding of the designer. This information can be helpful as you seek to find the right specialist for your interior design in Auckland.
  • Ask around.In addition to online and in-person references, you should also ask the people in your community what, if any, experience they have with a given designer. This simple tip can help you find the information you need to make a smart decision about a designer and understand more deeply how a person has worked with clients in the past.

Finding the Perfect Match for Interior Design in Auckland

While asking a designer for reviews might feel invasive, it’s a common practice that can help you ensure you find the right professional for you. By following the tips laid out in this post, you can get the information you need to determine whether you’ll work well with a specific designer and how said designer is regarded in the community. This will streamline your design project and make it more functional and enjoyable for both you and your designer.

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