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The Benefits of Hiring a Certified Kitchen

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Interior design specialists have all been through some sort of schooling to help them get where they are professionally. While the institutions and programs they’ve attended will vary, interior design is a profession that requires certification.

If you’re in the midst of a kitchen design, however, you might want to start looking for someone who has taken that certification one step further to become a Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD).

While interior design specialists don’t have to obtain additional certification to design and install kitchens, individuals who have gone the extra mile have experience, education, and expertise that can benefit your kitchen design project both now and in the future.

What is the Certified Kitchen Designer Program?

Although there are various requirements for different certification programs, they’re all quite rigorous. The National Kitchen and Bath Association, for example, requires five years of experience, 60 hours of approved education, application, examination, two client references, verification of work experience, and candidate testimony to approve a designer as a Certified Kitchen and Bath Designer.

This is a massive amount of work, and you can trust that any designer who has gone through it is likely to complete a quality project that you’ll be happy with for years to come.

7 Smart Reasons to Hire a CKD

Still not sure why you’d want to hire a CKD? Here are the seven top reason to take the plunge:

1. CKDs adhere to critical standards

When you hire a CKD, you can trust that your designer will adhere to a series of critical standards that will produce an outstanding final project. While you would hope for this in any designer, you can bet on it with a CKD.

2. CKDs have more kitchen-specific experience

Remodeling a kitchen presents difficulties that aren’t necessarily present in a bathroom or living room. Because of this, it’s smart to have an experienced designer who understands the ins and outs of kitchen design and can address potential problems and difficulties when they arise.

3. CKDs will get the job done faster

Having a CKD on the case will encourage a faster completion timeline and fewer holdups along the way. This has the potential to save you time and money and decrease the level of stress you feel surrounding the project.

4. CKDs will turn out a quality project

With years of experience and plenty of client testimonials, it’s easy to rest assured that a CKD has a long track record of successful kitchen installations. While many interior design specialists have done and are capable of doing kitchens, only a CKD can reliably turn out the quality of work discerning homeowners expect from their kitchen remodel and the team responsible for it.

5. CKDs can avoid potential problems

Because the kitchen is different from any other room in the home, it’s essential to have a designer who understands those critical differences and knows how to avoid problems that could potentially arise from them. Complex systems like heating, electrical, and plumbing can throw a traditional designer for a loop, but they’re all in a day’s work for a qualified CKD.

6. CKDs can produce an efficient kitchen space

For a kitchen to function well, it needs to be beautiful and intelligent. Fortunately, CKDs understand how to lay out a kitchen so that it provides outstanding functionality and an intuitive flow.

This means arranging the kitchen so that traffic in and out doesn’t impede a cook’s space, and making it easy for all members of the family to access the most critical parts of the kitchen. While a traditional designer might simply overlook these things, a CKD will ensure they feature prominently in your kitchen space.

7. CKDs may cost less than traditional designers

While it may seem like you’d pay extra for a CKD, it’s possible that a specialist like this would cost less than a more general designer. The reason comes down to connections. Because CKDs work so specifically in the realm of kitchen design, they typically have more connections and relationships in the industry than other, more general designers. This may mean that they’re able to connect their clients with deals and discounts that would be unheard-of virtually anywhere else.

While many homeowners aren’t aware that designers can be CKDs, it’s wise to put in the extra time and effort required to hire an interior design specialist with a vast and demonstrable knowledge of kitchen design. In addition to streamlining your project, this will also remove potential pitfalls and ensure you wind up with a customized kitchen you’ll love now and in the years to come.

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