5 Quick Ways to Find Perfect Interior Designers in Auckland for Your Project

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Thinking of bringing in a professional to help you design the perfect home?

Perhaps you need someone who can help you pinpoint your ideal style and stretch it across your interior design plan.

No matter the extensiveness of the job, or the minute details that you want to be addressed, working with the right interior designers in Auckland is critical.

While there are a plethora of designers to choose from, it is all about the qualities you need in your designer, which can be broken down into five items.

5 Critical Factors to Consider When Comparing Interior Designers in Auckland

1. Your Style and Taste

When looking at potential designers, look at their online portfolios for past projects. In the collection, you can browse how they have completed projects, their style, and if that style suits your personal tastes and preferences.

Some designers have the ability to tailor their designs to their customers, while others are specifically mod, contemporary, vintage, art deco, and more. The more versatile the designer’s portfolio, the better.

Inquire about designs they prefer to work with as well. Some designers prefer modern  or contemporary, while others focus their efforts more on rustic finishes and traditional looks.

2. Awards and Recognitions

Interior designers in Auckland who boast numerous recognitions, membership in professional organizations, and more will generally be more reliable. These recognitions will tell you plenty about their work ethic and dedication to perfection — something you want in a designer.

Some awards that put a designer above the rest include:

  • Designer of the Year Designations
  • Judge Excellence Awards
  • Innovation Awards
  • Master Builders Awards
  • Regional Recognition

You can also request information about any professional organizations they are members of and whom they recommend. The Architectural Designers of New Zealand, Kitchen and Bathroom Designers Institute (KBDi), Designers Institute of New Zealand, and the National Kitchen & Bath Association are good places to start.

3. Judging the Initial Meeting

Once you have a list of interior design candidates, you should meet with them in-person to get a feel for their work ethic and style. You want a designer that considers your lifestyle, budget, and personal preference. Then, ask them to generate a few ideas to see if they are a good fit for your needs.

You can tell plenty from the initial meeting, especially how much the designer considers your preferences and needs.

A good designer is one that adapts to what you need in your home — not what they think you should have. Naturally, they will share their input and help you perfect the design, but they should still focus on what you are looking for more than anything else.

4. Upfront Pricing Models and Fees

Every project will have a different price based on the complexity of the design and the amount of work the designer needs to do. However, you should ask about their per day fees and the percentage fees upfront. Also, inquire about deposits so that you are financially prepared to pay anything upfront required of you.

5. Recommendations from Industry Professionals

When remodeling or designing from the ground up, you will be working with multiple professionals. For example, you may have a general contractor performing your renovation. Therefore, you should ask the other professionals you have already hired about designers they have worked with in the past, and which they recommend.

Professional references are always best, as these individuals interact with the designers, coordinate design features and construction plans, and have in-depth insights into the designer’s quality of work.

Work with an Award-Winning Interior Designer in Auckland Today

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