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The Ultimate Kitchen Design Team: General Contractor or Interior Designer?

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When it comes to designing the perfect kitchen, you probably have a plethora of designs running through your head.

To make your dreams become a reality, you’ll need a professional. However, it can be hard to differentiate between a general contractor and interior designer for your new kitchen design.

Both do overlap in certain aspects, and they tend to work together to bring your ideas to reality. However, if you are not sure which to hire first, it is best to familiarize yourself with how each works.

The General Contractor VS. Interior Designer in Kitchen Designs

A general contractor is one that builds the design. They can renovate your entire kitchen by removing outdated cabinetry, countertops, flooring, and more.

However, for the general contractor to know what to do with the kitchen, they need a kitchen design. Your interior designer is the one who designs the kitchen.

So, your first contact would be the interior designer, because he or she must help you plan the new room and all the finishes that would work within your budget and design.

Consider the following example: you have a current kitchen design that is cumbersome, dark, and closed off. You would meet with an interior designer to see what solutions they suggest, such as adding more lighting, removing a wall, adding bay windows to enhance the view, and installing new cabinetry.

The designer would also help with the minor details, like your flooring, cabinet colors and styles, countertops, and the paint colors. Mostly, your interior designer brings the kitchen design to life and creates a systematic guide for the contractor.

Once the design is complete, your general contractor would then work to implement the ideas.

The Role of the Interior Designer

  • Professionally Trained in Planning: An interior designer is a planner. They are trained in interior spaces, and they know how to maximize square footage. They take your ideas and requests, then plan them out in the space.
  • Drawings and Renderings: After the initial consultation, the interior designer creates renderings or drawings of the design, which will help highlight the new features and will let you see what they are visualizing for your new space.
  • Creating the Space: Once you approve the design, an interior designer (through a contractor or their firm), creates the space. He or she may play a role in some of the design aspects themselves, such as furniture placement, painting, and finishing touches. However, the contractor handles any work that involves construction-type tasks.
  • Minor vs. Major Remodels: A designer may be able to transform your kitchen design without the need for a contractor. Sometimes, the redesign is just a small update like changing paint colors, fabrics, or moving things around. Other times, your design could require a full renovation.
  • Beauty and Functionality: Most contractors do not have the experience to create a functional, beautiful kitchen – but designers do. They know how to combine these two skills to give you an attractive finish to your new kitchen that is still functional and adheres to all regulations.

How Contractors and Designers Work Together

If the kitchen design requires a massive renovation, then it is important to work with a designer and general contractor who can work together effectively. A designer must be able to convey their design to your contractor, and the contractor must ensure the design they complete matches that of the designer’s vision.

Most of the time, each will work in tandem and stay in contact continuously to ensure their roles are fulfilled. A good interior designer will oversee the project from start to finish. They not only send detailed instructions about the design to your contractor, but they will be there on the job site ensuring it meets their design and specification.

Collaborate With an Interior Designer that Ensures Your Kitchen Design is Flawless

Mal Corboy’s design team works with you to create not only the perfect kitchen, but to make sure the renovation is done right.

Our team can recommend quality service providers needed to renovate your kitchen, and we offer site observation to ensure the design is being implemented correctly. Most importantly, we work closely with your manufacturers and suppliers to provide you with the best pricing and the best quality and service.

Contact Mal Corboy today to schedule your initial meeting with no obligation at +64 95217 167 or contact us via email at office@malcorboy.com.

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