10 Must Have Luxury Additions to Include in Your Kitchen Design

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Whether you are an avid cook yourself or you want a luxurious accommodation for your home’s personal chef, luxury finishes make a world of difference in your kitchen design.

There is no exact definition of “luxury” in the design book, but there are some features that are only seen in high-end models.

With the right interior designer, you can create an award-winning design in your home that is exclusive to you and meets the demands of your lifestyle.

10 Features to Include in Your High-End Kitchen Design and Renovation

1. Custom Cabinetry Extending to the Ceiling

Custom cabinetry is the definition of a high-end kitchen. It is designed specifically to suit your kitchen’s footprint and uses fine woods, including exotic varieties. Having the cabinets extend to the ceiling increases storage capacity, but also gives the illusion of a taller kitchen.

2. Large Kitchen Islands

The larger the kitchen island, the more potential it has. From in-kitchen eating options to maximum prep space, large kitchen islands are becoming a standard fixture in luxury kitchen remodels.

3. Culinary-Grade Ranges and Ovens

Culinary-grade ranges and ovens are ideal for any kitchen. They maximize capacity, offer even cooking, and upgrade the overall appeal of your kitchen. If you hire a personal chef for daily meals or even just special occasions, they will appreciate the culinary ranges and ovens you have installed.

Double ovens are also something to consider. To help everything bake or roast evenly, a convection oven is best. Convection ovens are fan-assisted, in which a fan helps circulate the air for even cooking.

4. Seamless Dishwasher and Refrigerator Integration

A perfect kitchen requires seamless integration of your dishwasher and refrigerator. That means having their covers designed to match your custom cabinetry so that you do not have large appliances gawking at you each time you enter.

5. Recessed Lighting

Recessed lights solve most of your lighting issues. They provide you with ambient lighting, accent lights, and increase the height of your ceilings and overall kitchen. If the ceilings are cramped, recessed lights are the ideal way to add in the light you need without having to raise the ceiling.

6. Designer Lighting Accents

Lighting does more than bright the room – it brings the kitchen design together. Consider a crystal chandelier or a unique accent light that adds a pop of personality.

7. Prep Sink and Hidden Prep Trash

Prep sinks are smaller than dishwashing sinks, but they are there to help with preparing fresh fruits and vegetables. Having a prep sink built into the center island along with a trash hole allows you to cut your vegetables, prepare meats, and get the meal ready without walking back and forth in the kitchen.

8. Wine Racks or Butler Pantry Area

Depending on the square footage you have to work with, you may be able to create a Butler’s pantry area inside the kitchen. Here is where you can store your fine China, stemware, and wines.

If your square footage does not permit a separate Butler’s pantry, you can integrate a wine rack into the cabinetry or inside the center island. Do not forget the addition of a wine cooler, too.

9. High-End Counter and Tile Accents

Countertops are an integral part of the overall kitchen design. You want your countertops to last, be efficient, and add a layer of beauty. Exotic wood countertops, especially on the center island, are becoming popular. For example, a zebrawood butcher’s block counter or African mahogany can spruce up the center of the kitchen.

Naturally, for stone finishes, you would want quartz or marble. Both are beautiful and functional.

Lastly, your designer should select tile accents that complement the countertops to create a cohesive design.

10. Dramatic Ceiling Finishes

Ceiling treatments improve the space above, and they could be the final touch your kitchen needs. Wood paneling or dramatically stained wooden beams add depth and dimension to your kitchen. If you have an older home, consider shiplap paneling or a custom coffered ceiling.

Work with a Team That Lives and Breathes Luxury Kitchen Designs

To get a high-end kitchen, you must collaborate with a high-end kitchen designer.

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