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Working with an Interior Designer is Like a Long-term Relationship

Home / Working with an Interior Designer is Like a Long-term Relationship

Your interior designer is your friend, Beau, best friend, and right hand.

Over the course of your time together, your designer gets to know you on your deepest levels. Why? He or she needs to create the perfect space that suits your personality, budget, and desires.

While you may first assume that interior design is nothing more than paint swatches and window treatments, you will quickly learn that professionals can add plenty to your home. A designer looks past the cosmetics, instead seeking home harmony. From your floor plan to the last tuft on your accent pillows, they are there to create your private oasis.

After you get started, you may find yourself calling in on your interior designer for a variety of things. From planning a new color for your mudroom to upgrading to Spring florals in the foyer, a good relationship with your interior designer can be fulfilling and rewarding.

Essential Tips for Cultivating Your Relationship With an Interior Designer

1. Set Your Design Priorities

You could have a plethora of ideas running through your head, but you need to prioritize. Your interior designer will always be there, so decide which area of the house or room you would like to start with, and then continue after each room is done. By prioritizing, you will not overwhelm your designer, and you’ll ensure each room is completed to its fullest potential.

2. Ask for Recommendations and Opinions

Do not be afraid to ask your designer for their views.

Most will not openly share their recommendations or disagreements with your design choices. However, if you ask, they are more than willing to be honest.

3. Integrate Old Elements

Do not be afraid to ask if your grandmother’s vintage chair can stay in the design, or if the antique chandelier in your foyer can be repurposed. Designers are skillful at integrating existing pieces and playing off the personality of the pieces you already love in your home.

4. Discuss Fees Upfront and Avoid Awkward Billing Issues Later

To get the relationship off to the right start, discuss billing upfront.

Most designers offer free consultations, and from there, their fees will depend on how in-depth the process is. Some charge hourly, others have a flat rate. Regardless, ask about fees, upfront costs, and additional billing information so that there is no misunderstanding about payment.

5. Get to Know Their Style, and Let Them Get to Know Yours

Examine the designer’s portfolio and make sure it is in line with the style you seek. Some designers are versatile, while others are honed in on a particular style. You can create a better working relationship when you both share similar design styles.

6. Show Pictures of What You Want (and Don’t Want)

Before meeting with your designer, try to print out some pictures and ideas of what you would like to see — this will help you provide your interior designer with direction. Most importantly, print out a few pictures of items you do not want to see. This helps the designer plan something that suits your overall preferences.

Some good places to look for design ideas include Elle Décor, HGTV, House Beautiful, or even Pinterest.

7. Get Them Involved Early

The earlier you meet with an interior designer, the better. In fact, the first professional you meet should be your designer. From there, you will have drawings and renderings that you can pass along to any contractors.

Furthermore, your designer may have recommendations for contractors that they have worked with in the past – which will save you the hassle of trying to find one locally.

Work with an Interior Designer Dedicated to Long-Term Client Relationships

Mal Corboy is an interior designer in Auckland dedicated to our customers. Our design team has years of experience and meets with potential clients for free initially.

When you work with Mal Corboy, you receive professionally rendered drawings and references to local contractors that will turn our designs into a beautiful reality.

Schedule your consultation appointment with Mal Corboy now at +64 95217 167 or send an email to office@malcorboy.com

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