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7 Must Know Tips for Adding Baroque Finishes to Your Interior Design

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The Baroque style is an artistic period that featured exaggerated motions, bright detailing, and easily understood artwork. This movement was incredibly innate and all about the drama.

Baroque has played a substantial role in architecture. In fact, some of the most famous buildings around the world feature this dramatic style.

For your home, the Baroque styling is breathtaking, exquisite, and will add a layer of sophistication. While you do not have to go entirely Baroque, integrating this classic style into your home’s interior design can offer a more high-end appeal.

7 Must Know Tips When Using Baroque Styles in an Interior Design

1. Integrate a White Palette

To make the Baroque style successful in your home’s design, you must start with a white finish. Mid century modern chairs and a dining table in white with ornate molding, crystal chandeliers, and an elegant fireplace could create a romantic, stylish dining room.

2. Mixing Eras Together

The Baroque Style was in the 17th and 18th Century, so you will find that the designs from that era vary dramatically. Do not be afraid to mix eras and countries, such as adding French chateau-inspired designs with modern Italian art.

Another favorite style from Baroque is the Tudor-style, which could include metals, dark woods, and contrast.

3. Add a Single Baroque Focal Point

Baroque styles can be too eclectic and too “antiqued” for some homeowners. Therefore, if you want just splashes of the style in your interior design, consider creating a focal point.

For example, in the kitchen, have an elegant finish with a Baroque chandelier over your Baroque-inspired island. The rest of the kitchen remains modern in styling, but that simple focal point creates a luxurious finish without going overboard.

4. The Room Should be Comfortable, Not Sterile

Baroque styles in interior designs are meant to be warm, inviting, and comfortable. The room should have fanciful finishes, like crown molding and cornices.

Also, gilded accessories will add a touch of elegance, while the soft colors of the Baroque style tone everything down so that the room is inviting and relaxing.

5. Implement Gilded Touches in the Interior Design

A majority of Baroque styles will have gilded features. Most popular are metallic finishes of copper, gold, and bronze, since these were the metals of the time. Gilded touches do not have to take over the room, and they can be implemented strategically by your interior designer.

For example, adding a table lamp with golden finishes or a starburst mirror with bronze can complete the room.

6. Solids and Ornate Patterns Mixed Together in a Single Design

The Baroque style is what inspired the Rococo style, which is also referred to as the “Late Baroque.”

Rococo, unlike its predecessor, focused on more solid colors, while still integrating vivid details.

When adding Baroque finishes, pair the decorative features with solid colors to complement one another.

7. Utilize Straight Lines in the Interior Design

Most importantly, the Baroque style was flawless and had straight, clean lines. You can combine modern styling with Baroque if you stick to that concept. For example, a modern, clean section paired with crown moldings, a coffered ceiling, and plenty of glass fixtures can add the Baroque elements without overcrowding the room.

For a Baroque Interior Design, Work with a Designer that Understands Luxurious Finishes

The Baroque style is not always easy to integrate into an existing home or even a new design.

That is why it is important that you work with a designer that understands the inspirational periods for design and architecture, including Baroque and Rococo.

Mal Corboy’s team has been creating award-winning designs for homes for years, including the implementation of Baroque and other style periods to add high-end looks to perfect rooms.

Whether you wish to spruce up your living room with a Baroque finish, or you want a kitchen that has French accents paired with fine Italian finishes, Mal Corboy designers can help.

During your initial consultation, which is free, we will go over your style preferences and collaborate until the perfect design is found.

Schedule your initial consultation appointment with Mal Corboy now at +64 95217 167 or inquire about our design services by emailing office@malcorboy.com

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