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Whether you are looking for a complete renovation of your everyday living spaces, or you want to save money on a new home’s design, there are plenty of elements out there that can make your living room stylish and upscale.

However, these items must be used cautiously, as adding the wrong mixture or not enough could create an awkwardly finished room.

To ensure you have that level of sophistication you have been dreaming about, Auckland interior designers recommend seven critical design elements.

7 Interior Design Elements that Give You a High-End Living Room

1. Crown Molding with Ornate Detailing

With crown molding, the minor details matter. To have that high-end, customized look, you need molding.

Crown molding can turn an ordinary room into extraordinary, and it brings the design together. Without crown molding, a room looks unfinished and sometimes cheap.

Crown molding comes in a variety of widths, but for more impact and high-end appeal, go with a wider crown molding.

2. Paint Can Transform an Interior Design

Sometimes the issue is not your furnishings or even the layout — it is your choice of paint color.

Elegant rooms often have bold, dramatic, or very soft hues. For the living chambers, soft, understated tones are typically best, as they are more inviting.

3. Unique, Custom Lighting

Contractor-grade lighting makes a room cheap and uninviting. Designer light fixtures add elegance over the standard chandelier while still illuminating the living room.

Antique or shabby chic light fixtures are very popular today, and they add a touch of new and old in the same design, giving you more years out of your interior design.

Also, different light sources are necessary. You want table lamps, floor lamps, and ceiling lamps to increase lighting. You’ll also want to give yourself options for setting the mood in that room throughout the day.

4. Remove Carpet and Add Hardwood

Carpeting is not a luxurious, high-end finish. However, hardwood flooring adds appeal and value to the home. Solid, gleaming hardwood that looks freshly polished every day will give your home that touch of elegance you crave.

If you want comfort in the living room while walking, consider a plush area rug on top of your hardwood.

The species of wood matters, too. If you are more eco-conscious, adding bamboo hardwood is best. However, bamboo does have a more modernized look. Therefore, if you want a traditional style, a dark-stained Oak or Cherry, and sometimes exotic woods, look better.

5. Elegant Hardware Finishes

Bulk hardware is inexpensive, but also standard. It is the type of finish you will find in most homes, and it does not add any personality to your residence.

Auckland interior designers often think outside of the box when it comes to hardware and finishes. They look for those pieces that cost a little more but offer more visual appeal and uniqueness to the space.

6. The Right Window Treatments

Window treatments sound like a simple addition, but you might be surprised to find out that your home has been using the wrong type of the finish you desire.

Flimsy materials will always cheapen the room, no matter how high-end your furniture is. Also, you do not want see-through materials that can dull out the room.

Elegant materials add the final touches, such as silk, cotton, and linen drapery. Woven bamboo shades are also a good idea, and wooden blinds can be a good choice if you prefer the use of blinds over drapes.

7. The Right Combination of Design Accessories

Adding the right mix of accessories personalizes your space further, and can add pops of color. Pillows, for example, add elegance but also provide you with a comfortable living room.

Create the Perfect Living Room with Auckland Interior Designers by Your Side

Mal Corboy’s team can help you find the perfect living room interior design that is elegant, sophisticated, and timeless.

When you work with Mal Corboy, you can meet our team for free, and if you approve the design, we will be there every step of the way to ensure your design is completed to your satisfaction.

Schedule your free consultation appointment with a Mal Corboy designer by calling +64 95217 167 or inquire about our living room designs at office@malcorboy.com

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