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The Elements of a Nordic Design that Interior Designers Love

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When you think of Scandinavian designs, you think of clean lines and modern finishes.

Also, known as the “Nordic” design style, this design takes the beauty from everyday functional objects. It was the core inspiration for functionalism and modernism designs and features wood, plastic, anodized metal, pressed steel, and aluminum.

Interior designers in Auckland have been using the Nordic model for some time, and when they create modern finishes, they often draw inspiration from the simplicity of Scandinavian designs, too.

If you want a stunning yet simplistic finish, there are certain elements your interior designer must incorporate to pull off an authentic Nordic design.

Features of the Perfect Nordic Design

1. Minimalist Kitchens

Nordic styles are known for their minimalistic approach to kitchens. Everything is clear, solid colored, and the countertops are never cluttered.

Cabinetry is often flat instead of ornate, and most of the finishes are white.

2. Dark Grout Lines

Grey grout lines add a pop of color to tile work, especially in bathrooms and kitchens. They help break up the sterility of white tiles, too.

3. Grey and White Walls

The Scandinavian style focuses on crisp, clean colors. However, that does not always mean white. In fact, the Nordic style often features hues of gray, white, and cream. These colors are supposed to add drama to the room, but they can also keep it clean and straightforward while the furniture and accessories take center stage.

4. Natural Textiles and Plants

Most importantly, amongst the clean lines, whites, and grays, you will find living plants. Plants are charming accents in any home, but green plants are critical to having a successful Nordic design.

Also, natural textiles, such as burlap, linen, and cotton, are a must-have in your Scandinavian design.

5. A Fireplace

While these styles are modern, interior designers in Auckland will incorporate a fireplace to create a level of comfort in an otherwise crisp, clean room. The fireplace is not ornate in this design, and it is by no means the focal point of the room. However, it brings everything together more cohesively and makes a room inviting.

6. Dramatic Prints

Exciting prints are another essential element of the Nordic style. However, these photographs often lack color and are in black and white. They add a touch of elegance and personality.

7. Abundant Natural Light

Most importantly, these designs focus on nature. Homes will often feature large windows that allow in as much natural light as possible. The windows will also often not have drapery. Ultimately, the Nordic style wants to explore the outdoors and limit interior light usage.

8. Furniture is Used as a Focal Point

In this style, the furniture is your focal point. For example, a comfortable cocoa couch in a living room of white and gray will pop out and help tie in natural textiles and plants in the room, too.

9. Mixing Patterns and Textures

The Nordic style utilizes patterns and textures in a monochromatic styling. For example, a plush gray fur rug paired with pillows featuring stripes, geometrics, and more is the ideal pairing of pattern and texture.

10. Delicate Pops of Color

The Scandinavian design is often monochromatic, but interior designers in Auckland also know that without pops of color, the room lacks a personal feel. Therefore, they can delicately add a color theme to the design. For example, a monochromatic kitchen receives minor pops of mint green without taking away from the architecture. This is done with small accents, like a mint green salad bowl, mint towels, and possibly a mint-colored refrigerator.

Looking for Interior Designers in Auckland that Offer that Perfect Nordic Finish?

Whether you want an actual Scandinavian design, or you want to integrate elements of this modern look into your home, you need a designer that understands the purpose of clean lines and monochrome.

Mal Corboy’s team can design your new room using the inspiration of Nordic designers, but we can also integrate your personality and preferences.

During your initial free consultation, bring along some ideas for modern designs you like, and we will work to create that perfect living space. With our designer’s creative efforts, you will feel as though you are on the sprawling hills of Finland, enjoying a cup of coffee, and watching the snow gently fall.

Schedule your first design consultation appointment with Mal Corboy’s team by calling +64 95217 167 or learn more at office@malcorboy.com

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