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Trendy or Timeless: Which is the Better Interior Design?

Home / Trendy or Timeless: Which is the Better Interior Design?

Deciding between trendy or timeless interior designs is the ultimate catch-22 for interior designers and homeowners alike.

After all, you want a design that looks modern and up-to-date with trends, but you do not want a home that has an expiration date on the design.

So, which design is better for your investment?

A good designer can use the design fundamentals to create a trendy, but equally timeless look in any room of the home. Also, the fresh updates will not have an expiration date and should last your home for several years.

Trendy Pieces Come with an Expiration Date, So Use Sparingly

Interior design is constantly changing, which makes the job fun.

However, for the homeowner wanting to stay on top of the trends, it is not as appealing.

Just a few years ago, some styles used to be a go-to design. Now, these styles have become outdated and unappealing. On the other hand, other styles tend to stick around, making your home relevant regardless of how long you have had the same design.

If you want a stylish piece, keep in mind that popular items expire eventually. Therefore, it is best that the trendy items in your interior design are accent pieces. That way, you are not spending the bulk of your renovation budget on furnishings that you must replace. Instead, you are using it on accent pieces that are affordable and easy to swap out.

Quality Materials Help Make Pieces Timeless

No matter the style you are seeking in your interior design, it should include furnishings and construction that is high-quality to last the test of time.

Big ticket items in your design are the most important. For example, your cabinetry should be custom made using real wood and high-end finishes. Cheap cabinetry scratches, chips, and peels, and even if they have a “timeless” design, they will need replacement because they are no longer usable.

So, when selecting timeless pieces, understand that a piece is only as “timeless” as the quality of the material and construction.

A True Timeless Room Takes Cues from the Past

What makes trendy and timeless designs similar is that they each focus on a design trend. However, timeless pieces will take cues from designs in the past and significant design movements.

For example, a timeless piece could feature the Baroque styling from the 17th Century, or the use of classic French furniture that has a touch of sophistication, art, and clean lines.

Classic Styles that Define Timeless Pieces

  • Art Deco
  • Modern
  • Contemporary
  • Minimalist
  • Classic
  • Retro
  • Urban
  • Country
  • Rococo
  • Georgian
  • Victorian

Trendy Designs Use Colors, While Timeless Use Neutrals

Stylish designs often come with pops of color, such as a bright orange accent wall and a blue couch. Timeless pieces, on the other hand, are neutral. They work with any design no matter how much the rest of the room changes.

More expensive pieces, such as furnishings, should feature a neutral color so that they are easily incorporated into a new design.

Both Use Textures

While timeless pieces focus more on neutrals and trendy designs focus on colors, both use textures. Therefore, you may be able to get the best of both worlds by incorporating some textures into your design.

For example, a cowhide rug from 15 years ago is considered a “modern” accent today. Floral fabrics, depending on how they are integrated, can be timeless because they match the latest Shabby Chic style homeowners crave.

Both Use Clean Lines

Anything that is overly ornate will go out of style faster than something with clean lines.

Therefore, your interior design should include clean lines. Simpler designs will pass the test of time, whether they are “trendy” or “timeless,” and you will not replace them as often as high-end details.

Incorporating a Fresh, Timeless Interior Design is Not Easy

Finding trending styles that will stand out and keep your home modern is never easy.

That is why it is best to work with an interior designer. A designer can tell you what styles are in and how to incorporate them. They’ll also make you aware of those expiration dates looming in the distance.

Mal Corboy’s team works to strike a balance between trendy and timeless looks while keeping your home’s interior modernized and refreshing.

Discuss trends and timeless interior designs during a free consultation appointment with a Mal Corboy design professional by calling +64 95217 167 or learn more by emailing us at office@malcorboy.com

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