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Elements of Mid Century Modern interior design

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Mid-century modern interior design has been a huge trend in 2017, and it’s set to continue for some time. The style first became popular in America from the mid 1930’s to the mid 1960’s, and incorporated clean, organic lines, combinations of materials, and an emphasis on form over function.

Many of Mal’s clients are looking for Mid Century modern interior design. Here are Mal’s top tips to help you achieve this distinctive style:

1. Choose a colour palette

Any good interior design scheme begins with a palette. Midcentury Modern usually combines saturated accent colours paired with darker neutral tones. Stick to no more than 3-4 colours, and remember that even though this is quite a minimalist style, designers of this period loved to explore bold, bright colours and patterns.

2. Plastic fantastic

During the Mid Century modern design period, plastic really came into its own as a product for furniture and home decor. This was when plastic started to be used as a focal point in furniture, where it often creates the clean, curved lines that characterise this style.

3. Use signature pieces

Using a few key pieces of furniture will really define your space and create a focal point for your room. Once you have that key piece, the rest of the room will fall into place around it.


Mid Century Modern furniture is clearly defined by the clean lines, curved and smoothed edges, and lack of adornment or fancy upholstery. You’ll see a lot of wooden construction, sometimes with metal/fiberglass/plastic sections.


You may be lucky enough to find the perfect vintage signature piece, but if not, there are many companies offering Mid Century Modern furniture suitable for a contemporary home.

4. Austere

The Mid Century Modern interior design style grew directly out of movements like Bauhaus that arose during the harsh war period. Many people were living with austerity measures, so even furniture was simple and unadorned.


This is one of the reasons why this style is so popular today. We’re bombarded by technology and stimulation every hour of the day, so many of us long for a simple, clean space to relax in.

5. The perfect throw

Rugs and throws help to create a cosy, comfortable space. Choose bold, abstract and asymmetrical designs.

6. Light up your life

Look for table or floor lamps with simple, curved, geometric shapes. Fixtures will usually be finished metal, or bold abstract patterns. For feature ceiling lights, you’ll often see exposed bulbs on radiating rods, or oddly-shaped asymmetrical designs.

7. Split levels and shifting spaces

Mid Century homes were characterised by split levels and small steps between spaces. A signature of this design style is to use partitions and cabinets of varying heights to change a space and create different areas. Rugs can also help delineate space.


Mal Corboy can help you create a truly unique space with Midcentury Modern interior design. If you want a specific look for your space, then let critically-acclaimed interior designer Mal Corboy show you how he can transform your home. Contact Mal for a no-obligation consultation today.

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