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5 Tips to Make Your Interior Space Winter Ready

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Winter is just around the corner. As the days start getting shorter and the weather gets cooler, most of us will want to start holing up in our houses. With more time spent inside, now is the perfect time to prepare for the changing of seasons. Here are our top 5 tips for getting your interior space ready for winter. 


Layer Up

The ideal winter space conveys a cosy feeling. Add comforting layers around the house like rugs on the floor or woolen throwovers for the seating. You can never have enough cushions during winter and it’s the perfect excuse to fill your house with them.  

Change the Lighting

Light is one of the most important features during the long nights of winter. Change your lighting fixtures to warm-yellow, low-level lighting for a softer look in your space. Positioning lamps around the house by your seating are great for nights where you want to kick back and relax with a book. 

By the Fire 

If you already have a fireplace in your house, winter is the time to draw attention to it and make it your home’s focal point. Rearrange your indoor seating and position it around the fireplace. Grouping the seating together as well will make your space feel more intimate. Perfect for a cold night, settling into some comfortable chairs by your loved ones. 

Set the Table

As we spend less time going out and more time housebound during the winter months, you want to make sure you have a decent dining arrangement for more frequent meals at home and entertaining guests indoors. 


Invest in a new centerpiece or other feature for your dining table to liven up the space and help it look like something from your favourite restaurant. Consider hand-crafted wooden dining accesories like bowls. The wooden hues create a sense of warmness. Candle sets are also a nice addition, providing an intimate lighting as everyone settles around the table. 

Dining area-jpg


Liven up the living space by surrounding yourself with comforting items. Photos of your friends and family or framed pictures from a holiday during warmer times can help our mental state as we spend more time within our walls. Also consider putting up items with warmer colour hues in the yellow, orange and red colour ranges. 


Flowers are another great addition, adding further texture and colour options to your winter interior design. They also serve a symbolic purpose, reminding us of lifecycles and the passing of the seasons at a time when we are more likely to sit down and reflect. 

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