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Inspirations for a New Kitchen Design

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What’s the best part of building a new home from the ground up?

It’s all up to you.

Of course, that can seem overwhelming at times, but for the most part, homebuilders thrive on getting to design their homes to their exact specifications. Your unique needs can be taken into account, and your taste is the only one of influence.

When you’ve taken on the project of building a new home, you’re sticking to a budget—and that’s important. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice getting your dream home. Many homebuilders focus on one area when they build when it comes to function and design. It’s the one room where your ideas and taste can really help the room work well in your daily life.

It’s the kitchen—the room that could make all the difference.

You’re likely already dreaming of those key features you want in place. Your budget will help you prioritize them, but for now, here are a few inspiring sources for kitchen design ideas. Which one will help your kitchen become the heart of the home?

1. Farmhouses and the Country

It’s a major design trend nowadays, but older farmhouses and country living have provided endless inspiration for those designing a kitchen from scratch. This overall theme can pave the way for many decisions: paint colours, decorative elements, fixture styles, and more.

For example, many new kitchens feature farmhouse sinks, the large inset sinks that serve as a focal point of the kitchen. They aren’t fancy, but they elevate the space they’re in and create a feeling of relaxation and comfort. Perhaps thinking of a farmhouse and the cosiness it would bring can serve as a starting point for your new kitchen’s design.

2. Black and White

Sometimes, going back to the basics is all the inspiration you need. Instead of poring over paint chips and subtle differences in shades of blue, take the simple route: black and white. This could lead to a clean, industrial feel for a kitchen. The best part? Any colour can accent black and white. It might serve as the base colour palette, but bright splashes of other colours can make the kitchen still feel bright and energetic.

3. The Work Triangle

In a kitchen, the work triangle refers to the arrangement of the three most used spaces in the kitchen: the sink, refrigerator, and stovetop. This might seem like a simple arrangement, but it can offer inspiration, too. As the centre of all kitchen activity, it can allow you to design around it, ensuring that the work triangle is easily accessed and prioritized.

4. Lighting

Perhaps a unique lighting fixture can set the tone for the kitchen as a whole. All it takes is finding the right one and the rest of your design can fall into place. For example, it might be a fixture that hangs over the kitchen’s island, and it uses Edison light bulbs. That could mean a vintage kitchen design. Or maybe a light fixture is more simple and typical, but you choose the version that comes in a bright colour. That could become the whole kitchen’s consistent colour scheme.

5. Family Heirlooms

Kitchens can come to life when they point toward homes of the past. You might draw inspiration from the time you’ve spent in meaningful kitchens, like your mother’s or grandparents’. Paying tribute to these people and spaces can drive the design of your space. For example, a framed image of a family recipe could become the kitchen’s centrepiece. An heirloom kitchen appliance could also be on display, tying the design to other vintage pieces.

6. Little Details

When designing your own kitchen, the little details can often represent design starting points. Perhaps a drawer pull can breed ideas for wall colour and textures. Similarly, features such as towel colours or faucet designs can give you insight into how the entire kitchen will function. Remaining on the lookout for even the smallest details can make a big difference in how the kitchen feels when it’s done.

7. Wall Art

How will you decorate the kitchen’s walls? If you find a painting or image you love, that can drive decisions for the rest of the space. Perhaps the painting you’ve chosen is based in a warm colour palette. To match, you might choose reds and oranges (or other warm tones). It might be a black and white photo that leads you to a mainly white kitchen space. Either way, art on the wall can be a crucial part in the inspiration stage of design.

Though you might be on a budget, designing your own kitchen still means integrating your own personal taste and creating a kitchen you love. Take these suggestions for inspiration and start exploring! Most importantly, find what makes you want to use your kitchen for what it’s meant to be: a gathering place at the heart of the home.

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