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A kitchen without good storage is not a pleasant place to cook or hang out. For one thing, a lack of organization and an excess of clutter makes finding what you need, right when you need it, more difficult. This can slow down your cooking and baking.

For another thing, a kitchen lacking storage is a messy, unappealing place. You won't want to be in that room, let alone gather there with friends or cook a big meal.

These are all great reasons to get clever with storage ideas, especially when your kitchen design lacks it.

Storage Ideas to Try for Your Kitchen Design

Go High

For the least-used items in your kitchen, go high with storage to minimize clutter in your interior design.

Put appliances (like that bread maker you never use, or the cupcake maker you got for your birthday) in the highest areas in the room. For some, this means tucked inside the tallest cabinets near the ceiling. For others, this might mean a top shelf in the pantry, in that unused space on top of cabinets (for models that don't reach ceiling height), or on the top shelf of a bookcase.

Add Storage from Unexpected Sources

If you're struggling to find storage for all your kitchen items, your interior designer in Auckland recommends thinking outside the box.

A piece not typically used in a kitchen, like an armoire, wardrobe, dresser, or bookshelf, can add a whole lot of storage in a fun yet unexpected way. It can also add a dash of design to a room, whether you choose an antique, vintage, or modern piece.

Put one of these furniture pieces in a corner, nearby in an adjoining room, or integrate one with your kitchen cabinets. For furniture pieces with open shelves, add baskets to minimize clutter. Store non-decorative pieces behind closed doors. You will be surprised at how much character this will add to your kitchen.

Decant Your Dry Goods

Plastic packaging and cardboard boxes for non-perishable foods can be a nuisance. The various bags, boxes, and containers are all differently shaped and don't lend themselves to neatness.

If your cabinets seem cluttered and stuffed because of these, or if you have a hard time finding what you need, buy some airtight glass jars in different sizes and go crazy.

Here are just some of the items you can decant into glass jars: flour, sugars, dry beans, dry pasta, rice, grains, coffee beans or grounds, loose leaf tea, spices, salt, crackers, cookies, nuts, granola, dried fruit, pet treats or pet food, and more.

Here's why it saves time and space: when you store necessities in glass jars, you can see at a glance how much you have left and which items you need to stock up on. They also look neater, more cohesive, and organized if you need to store them on open shelving.

You'll also save space in cabinets, because similarly-sized jars tucked next to each other take up far less room than packages and boxes that are all different sizes and shapes. Plus, revolutionizing your pantry cabinets will free up extra space for other items. Interior designers in Auckland love this solution for making even the insides of cabinets look pretty.

Create a Message Centre or Charging Station for Your Interior Design

Do you tend to find your family's power cords strewn all over your counter? Are plug-ins used sporadically throughout the kitchen for phone charging?

A charging station presents a neat way to store all your power cords, but yet keeps them accessible for easy charging. You can purchase a charging station unit at a home store that can sit on an unused counter, or you can create your own.

If your family has a busy schedule and you find yourself constantly writing notes to each other about where you went, when you'll be home, or what's for dinner, a message centre can keep it all contained. Consider hanging up a whiteboard, chalkboard, or magnetic board. Keep pens, paper, chalk, or markers nearby.

Do you need help implementing clever storage in the kitchen? Interior designers in NZ can help. Call on Mal Corboy for award-winning design services that hit all the right notes for high-end, luxurious spaces. We’ll help you create the gleaming kitchen of your dreams complete with clever, ingenious storage solutions.

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