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Killer Trends in Interior Design in Auckland

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Sure, you can scroll the boards of Pinterest and scour the magazine articles for ideas, but your best bet for getting a killer design that suits your Auckland home is to use an interior designer from here.

Not only will a local Auckland designer create a look that’s specifically tailored to your tastes, but you’ll also get access to materials and portfolio ideas from other Auckland homes so you’ll know what’s trending.

Want to get the scoop on great interior design ideas? Check out what other homes have been using to come up with great ideas of your own.

Maximising Small Spaces for Interior Design in Auckland

If you live in Auckland, there’s a good chance you’ll know how expensive living spaces can be. The more squares your home is, the more expensive it becomes. That’s why so many Auckland residents choose to live in smaller apartments. That doesn’t mean you should be restricted in your choices for interior design.

Auckland homes can be small, but a great idea is to maximise the space you’ve got with other features. You could use a murphy bed in the bedroom to open up floor space during the day. You could create storage on the walls or roof. You could even double up rooms so that your living room contains all you need to transform into a workspace.

Playing With Multiple Colours

Homes just don’t have one standard colour palette anymore. Each room has a unique feel and purpose, so interior designers in Auckland use that their advantage in playing with different colours.

A bathroom can be incredible cosy and warm if the right colour is chosen. It could be a dark bathroom with stark blacks or greys accenting the walls. Black tiles, used properly, give a feeling of opulence and style.

A colourful bench top in the kitchen creates an interest and appeal in one of the most frequently used rooms you have. Even if you can’t paint walls, you can certainly paint your appliances which another fun way of adding colour without doing permanent alterations.

Become a Minimalist

Just because you have so much stuff doesn’t mean you should be forced to display it all. And there’s no need to go “full minimalist” if you aren’t willing to live that lifestyle. Your home can still have that open and clean feeling that everybody appreciates, even if they aren’t always so frugal with their things.

Storage and containers give places for everything to hide away so the room can become free of clutter. An open room with that minimalist feel can certainly make a smaller room feel larger and more welcoming if you’re going to host parties and entertain.

Play With Lighting

Your home isn’t meant to be so dimly lit. You should find freedom in lighting up the darkened corners of your home. A good interior designer in Auckland can work with what you’ve got, even if your home isn’t flanked by bay windows and open plan living spaces.

You can create mood lighting by putting a few decorative lamps around the room. You can create a centrepiece for conversation with a dazzling chandelier to spruce up a drab room. You can even install a skylight-type lighting fixture that mimics sunlight, even if you live in an apartment.

Give yourself the advantage by looking at what other Auckland homes are putting in their spaces. Get inspired by local interior designers like Mal Corboy. Read the reviews of others who’ve used him and get working on your own masterpiece in your home.

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