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5 reasons why interior design isn’t as expensive as you think.

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Say the words “interior designer” to someone at your next cocktail party, and watch their eyebrows raise. There’s a perception among people that hiring an interior designer is only for the super-rich. That’s simply not true. Not only do interior designers work with all types of budgets, but hiring one can actually have a positive effect on your finances.

Here are five reasons hiring an interior designer isn’t as expensive as you believe:

1. An interior designer can help you avoid costly mistakes

It may seem counter-intuitive, but even taking into account their fee, an interior designer can actually save you money by helping you avoid common mistakes and pitfalls during the design process. This is particularly true when designing complex spaces such as kitchens. Mal Corboy says, “I encourage my clients to take advantage of my years of experience. I can highlight design flaws that might not be apparent in the beginning, but will cause nothing but headaches further down the road. I’m also able to suggest other ways of approaching a space that will provide more storage, make better use of current features or materials, and ultimately create more functional and beautiful spaces.”

2. An interior designer can improve your home’s value

If you’re looking at your home as an investment, then hiring an interior designer should be a no-brainer. According to the professional staging team at Homebase, a professionally designer interior will sell a home faster, and for more money. This is especially true in the kitchen and bathrooms, where a designer’s touch and elevate a home to a new level.

3. An interior designer creates a joyful space

Your home is your palace, and it should be a place you come home to at the end of every day to relax, entertain, unwind, and create wonderful memories. Your interior designer understands the different needs of your lifestyle and can create a home that enhances and celebrates your unique life. Their work increases your enjoyment of your home, and you should always place a high value on joy and happiness.

4. An interior designer has connections

Have you seen an amazing piece in a design magazine, but believe it’s going to be too far out of your price range? Show it to your interior designer. Chances are high, they know the designer of the piece and might be able to get it for you at a reduced cost, or they can source something in a similar style that fits your budget.

The design community is quite small, and everyone knows everyone else. You’ll be able to make use of your designer’s connections to get the dream interior you want at a price that works for you.

5. An interior designer relieves the stress

Your designer does more than just choose colours and source fixtures – they act as a liaison throughout the whole project, managing and perfecting every detail. When you’re busy and your time is precious to you, having a designer manage the entire process from start to finish and take away the stress will be invaluable.

Mal points out, “Designers also act as project managers. We deliver a beautiful finished product, on time and on budget, in a way that minimises your stress.”

There are so many reasons to bring on board a designer to create the interior you really want. Let critically-acclaimed interior designer Mal Corboy show you how he can transform your home. Contact Mal for a no-obligation consultation today.

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